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To the lawyer and the judge

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Made in Israel

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גלימת ניקו
גלימת ניקו

גלימת ניקו

121.00 ₪

גלימת מור
גלימת מור

גלימת מור

290.00 ₪

גלימת יעל
גלימת יעל

גלימת יעל

150.00 ₪

גלימת דן
גלימת דן

גלימת דן

490.00 ₪

גלימת ברק
גלימת ברק

גלימת ברק

190.00 ₪

גלימת ראשל - בהזמנה אישית
גלימת ראשל - בהזמנה אישית

גלימת ראשל - בהזמנה אישית

890.00 ₪

Female Lawyer

LARUSHA costumes

Since 1993

The place of the cloak in the legal system

The wearing of judge's robes and lawyers' robes is customary in many countries of the world and is a symbol and a cultural value indicating the differentiation of the judicial system and its value independence.
Israel is not unusual in this regard and in its judicial system, both judges and lawyers wear black robes and white cotton shirts and usually ties as well.
The recipe for success as a lawyer is a mixture of knowledge and loyalty to the law and its spirit, professional ability, careful preparation and a respectable appearance.
An important element of the appearance in the courts is the clothing and the main item in which is the cloak.
The site offers a line of robes, for women and men, which brighten up their wearers and give them dignity and prestige.
The models of the robes are adapted for men and women and are sold all over the world. Their cut is unique and designed by the site's and LaRoche's in-house designer.
The robes on the site comply with the internationally accepted standards.
The entire offer is beautiful, impressive and extremely economical. Ordering the outfits online is simple and friendly.

Larusha's costumes

Since 1993 Larusha has been designing academic uniforms and lawyers' gowns and marketing them throughout Israel and other countries.
The academic outfit instills a cultural tradition in the educational institution: academy, high school, elementary or kindergarten and equates the graduation and certification ceremonies with wealth and dignity, solemnity and unforgettable colors.
The clothing lines are offered in purchase and rental routes.

In the catalog of Larusha Dozens of lines of costumes designed for the requirements of educational institutions of all kinds:

  • Members of the academic staff at the best universities and colleges in the world: Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Derby, Technion, Osgood, the Interdisciplinary Center and more.

  • Judges and lawyers from Israel, USA, England and Western countries.

  • Academy graduates - doctoral students, master's students and bachelor's degree graduates

  • Graduates of the secondary and elementary schools, including the teaching staff.

  • Graduates of kindergartens and pre-compulsory ages.


The range of clothing items and accessories includes:

  • Cloaks, hats, bonnets and vests.

  • Tassels with and without year pins.

  • Decorative ribbons, school scarves, emblems and special and designed decorations for school tradition.

Outstanding customer service

100 percent listening, the team at LaRoche Always here for you

Fast delivery times

It comes out of us within 2 business days.

Comes to you in 6.

Uncompromising quality

All our robes are designed by us, and produced in The highest sewing standard

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